Stockholm – one of the most welcoming citites in the world.
(Photo: Henrik Trygg)

Stockholm Film Commission

Stockholm Film Commission represents the greater Stockholm region including the islands of Gotland and Aland. The Film Commission is a part of Film Capital Stockholm, the regional film fund with a mission to strengthen production of film, TV-drama and moving images in the capital region of Stockholm – through co-financing, film commissioning and industry development.

Film Commission Services
Are you a producer, FAD or UPM considering or planning a production in the capital region of Stockholm? Do you have questions about permits or any other logistical issue?

The film commission works in a number of ways to create a more film friendly region:

  • Provide information to the international film and TV-industry, in order to enable more productions to come here
  • Bridge between the industry and our member counties and citities to facilitate logistics and permits
  • Skill development of public servants at our members in order to guarantee a film friendly environment

For all inquiries regarding shooting in the Stockholm region, please contact film commissioner Mia Uddgren for inquires.

Film Commissioner
Mia Uddgren
+46 (0)70-848 46 21